How to swap a group full name for the group name itself on the group listing page

Our forum just updated from v2.2.0.beta8+115 to 2.4.0.beta5 and we now have the new default group listing page UX.

I’d like to know: how do we swap the current Full Name value being displayed for each group for the Name field value for each group?

Here’s the comparison between Discourse versions:

v2.2.0.beta8+115 Group Name Display on Group Listing Page

The Name field from displays first and then the Full Name field displays second.

2.4.0.beta5 Group Name Display on Group Listing Page

The Name field value from no longer displays and, instead, the Full Name field value is what’s seen for each group.

If it’s not possible to do a CSS hack or another admin side edit to show the Name instead of the Full Name, perhaps there could be a future admin setting at to toggle between displaying the Name or Full Name value. It might look like this:

And if that admin setting was checked, it would use the Name field value below instead of the Full Name field value.

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I can’t be the only one who would rather have the group name instead of the group full name on the group listing page, can I?

I must be missing something. Wouldn’t it be easy enough to change the Full Name to be the same as the Name?

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I thought about that myself before creating the topic. It would work OK for the group listing page, but not so well for the group detail page.

Because we have so many groups and plan to add even more, our community appreciates a short description of a group so they don’t have to read the full description when they’re considering joining.

For example, if I made our Arts & Crafts group keep the same Name value and change the Full Name value to “ArtsAndCrafts” as well, you’d miss the current “Artist and Crafters of All Mediums, Forms, and Disciplines” short description.

This is not my most critical or even best suggestion ever. It’s just a decent UX and simplicity enhancement for my community.

If nobody else is interested or it takes too long to implement, I can let it go.

I have the reverse issue. My forum is defaulting to the slug or group name and it is refusing to show the full name for my custom groups. Is there a step for toggling between the two that I am missing somewhere?

Just linking because there’s two topics about the same issue I guess.