Public group list shows inconsistent Name or Full Name

On the group page, some groups are listed with their Name, and some with the Full Name. This creates a ugly overview, because of random usage of capitals in some groups and some being listed as the url slug.

Example Full Name versus Name (Name would be better named as ‘slug’?)
Group 1: example-group
Group 2: Example group

How is this a bug? Shouldn’t staff edit the group names to make them consistent?

Shows the same for normal users. What I am saying is that even if I have setup a Full Name, I still see some groups with the slug on the group list instead of the Full Name I set up.

I find this inconsistent as well:

This should be unrelated x but what is the value of the " prioritize username in ux" site setting? Does changing it change anything?

It was turned on, turning it off made no difference.

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