How to translate the word "Bar" from Polls? (German language problem?)

I need to translate the English word “Bar” from Polls. The search finds “50 more results” and asks me to be more specific. But I don’t know how to be any more specific.

I guess this may be a German language-only problem because -bar is a verb ending that occurs often

(The ending -bar translates to the English ending -able >> doable/machbar)

Any ideas?

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While we are at it “Pie” has a similar problem.

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I usually look in this file to search for string I need to change

But there is no “Bar” nor “Pie” in there. I think that’s related to char library that polls are using. (Never used polls, but I think it might be that).

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It wasn’t possible to translate those strings. I fixed that in UX: Translating poll chart types wasn't possible · discourse/discourse@7177b9d · GitHub


Thank you guys!

Does this solve my problem?