How to use @ to get the attention of the moderators

I am a new member here and my Trust Level prevents me from editing a post I made a couple days ago which contains an error. I would like to have the error fixed but don’t know how to make this happen.

How can I use @ in a post to include a reference to the moderator team (or equivalent)?

The specific change I wish to make is in this thread:
How to run Discourse as an Apache VirtualHost

There is a small problem with the rewrite rule at the end of the 443 definition.
The last two lines prevent writing new content to the forum and need to be removed.

You just need to type @ followed by the name of the group. Here on Meta, there are moderators and team (Discourse staff).

It works just like mentioning users, except for a group. You should see the group come up after typing the first few characters.

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If you can’t edit your post you can flag it.


Or delete the post and repost.

If you’re flagging it, include the edit so we can make it for you.


@Qursch : I tried that but the list didn’t show me any options which were relevant. :frowning:

@pfaffman: I’ve never flagged a post before. I take it that is allows me to explain the reason for the flag.

@osioke : I’ve done this before, but it seems a bit unsophisticated.

Thanks, I will work out the best option.

Ok… @moderators requires more characters to be typed than what I expected.

I don’t actually want to mention the groups, but look at these two screenshots:

Won’t let me upload photos :confused: but you can see from those links. Both relevant groups are at the bottom of the list.

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Thank you all for your insights.

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