How to verify subscription settings of various users?

I’m wanting clarity about whether other users are getting notifications. We want to respect users’ privacy and concerns about excessive notifications, such as whether to get the activity digest. But I often feel unsure about whether people are getting notifications.

Besides the tedious process of impersonating individual users and checking their preference settings, is there a way to get a quicker overview of whether users have activity digest on or not or to see what categories or posts users are watching?

You don’t have to impersonate a user to check the email preferences. Click on Preferences in the user’s public summary.



Ah I see, thanks. I was going into /admin/users/ and looking there and finding nothing.

It’s quite strange that the preferences are at the public summary page (but then hidden from regular users there)…

Strange? Why?

That’s where you see your own, why wouldn’t an admin see the preferences of other users at the equivalent path?

The path isn’t public, you can’t visit /preferences/emails for any user if you aren’t logged in. Regular users are redirected to activity for the user in question if they try to hit that url.

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Technically it’s the user’s summary, but I called it public because it’s accessible from the public side. You could get to it from the Admin side, too.

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Have a look at /admin/email/sent

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