I don't receive push notifications from my forum and some users don't receive digests

Do not receive any push notifications from my instance… :frowning:
And some e-mail addresses do not receive digest.
Can’t find where digest settings are located.

As an admin, type “digest” in the setting search field, and it will list related settings:

Look at the emails and user preferences tabs.

Or maybe did I misunderstand your question?

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Thank You for the prompt reply. Yes. Now I see this options.
But some members do not receive digest, including my test user… :frowning:
Can it depend from trust level? Or something else?

Hello Valentyn :slight_smile:

My guess is they don’t receive the digest depending on either the digest settings (which require a user to be away from the forum for a while in order to receive one), or the personal settings of users (they can chose to opt-out from digests). :slight_smile:

At first, I’d compare the digest settings, the last time the user was seen, and their digest email preference (Activity Summary here: https://meta.discourse.org/my/preferences/emails).

As for the push notifications, I can’t answer as I don’t know about them, I never use it.


Thank You.

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