Hyperlink in Tag description?

I have installed Tag Banner for Tag Title and description. I want to add a hyperlink in the description. Is it possible? HTML/BBcode doesn’t work.


HTML/BBcode doesn’t work for tag descriptions in Discourse, so they’re also not supported in that theme component.

(this is how a tag description with HTML is rendered by default in Discourse)

Seems like a reasonable request, so I’m going to re-categorize this as #feature.


Is it possible to add custom field on tag creation page?

I’d also like to request it - in our case it’s definitely something we need as we often link to other relevant tags or topics in the tag descriptions, but currently that’s not possible so we needed to hack it.

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It would be helpful for us too! So would the ability to put in Categories / Tags / @mentions, etc.

I think tag descriptions do support html links now. :+1:

I’m not sure about hashtags and mentions though :thinking:

Quick check for tag-banners

So html link :white_check_mark: :slight_smile:
Category hashtag :x: :frowning:

You may want to spin up a new topic to make that request in case it gets lost when this is closed out. :+1:

Update: Though it appears it may have some display issues, at least for here on meta. I shall investigate :slight_smile:


4 posts were merged into an existing topic: Links in tag descriptions aren’t escaped when using Tag Icons

That issue has been resolved so I’ll mark this feature as completed :white_check_mark: :partying_face: