Add Title and Description to Tags

Our forum is 2 years old and its doing well. Engagement increased over time and we have started to get some organic traffic from search engines.

Our tags are not blocked in robots.txt file and most of our organic traffic comes to tag pages. But here the problem arises, the titles and meta descriptions of tags are like this “Topics tagged coffee-beans” and we want it to be something like this “Coffee Beans: Latest Discussions”, it fulfills the user intention in search keyword and they are more likely to visit our forum.

So, is there is any plan of the discourse team to add functionality to edit tags titles and description.

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It’s not planned, as that would make tags overlap with categories. Tags are meant to be rather lightweight, and adding a bunch of metadata makes them … less lightweight.

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@Vikas_Dangi On our forum we are using the Discourse Tag Sidebars theme component to good effect. With this theme component, you can create a topic describing your tag and it will appear in the sidebar when browsing that tag in the navigation.

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