I can no longer add users to group using email

Hey everyone!

I have this group on my Forum for Beta Testers of my company’s software. For about a month I’ve been manually inviting people who sign up to our beta to this group. The process was simple:

  1. A user sign up for the beta.
  2. I copy the user’s email adress.
  3. I go to the Beta Testers group on Discourse, click “Add user”, and paste the email.
  4. They get notified by email and join our forum.

This process had been working perfectly for about 2 months now (there’s currently 70 users in that group), until today. Now whenever I try to add a new email to the Beta Testers group, I get this error:

I get this with any email I try. Did this feature just randomly break? As I said earlier, there are 70 users on that group right now, which means I did this process 70 times and it worked perfectly. It seems like the only other way I could add new users to the group now would be to create an invite link, and then personally email them myself. But I don’t want to email them myself.


I can reproduce this - looks like a regression. I’ll have a look now.


Praise Jesus! Always happy when you guys can recreate my issues!


It looks like this commit made it so that emails cannot be used in that modal to add users to a group. @dan Is there a way to add an existing user to a group via email anymore? I see how you made the invite feature more prominent inside the invite modal, but I worry that we took out useful functionality.


Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience, I reintroduced this today:


Awesome thank you! I’ll check it out!

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