I can't seem to be able to locate when this notification is configured from?

I have recently taken over a new role and I need to keep an eye on our Forum, particularly the posts without responses from my team.

A peer of mine receives regular emails with the following header:

[Builder.io Forum] [PM] There are items in the review queue that need reviewing

And I have not been able to figure where the list of recipient for that particular email/notification is configured so that I can also receive the email in question.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome @Stephane_Gonthier :slight_smile:

That notification is for moderators for when there have been items in the Review Queue for a certain amount of time. There are a couple of settings for the different versions so you can choose what the time threshold is for each - notify about reviewable item after (flags) and notify about queued posts after (things that need approval).

But neither would notify you about topics that have not had a reply yet. I think you would need to run a data explorer query to get those.


@JammyDodger - Thank you SO MUCH for your speedy response and I might have misunderstood the context of the notification, those might not actually be about post not having had a reply yet such as the ones you listed, I will check those.

Much appreciated.

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Issue solved @JammyDodger - Thank you SO MUCH!
really appreciate your expertise.

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No worries. Glad to have helped. :slight_smile:

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