Is there a feature to email admin when moderated posts need attention?

I don’t get to post approvals fast enough because I am not watching the site all the time but I would do them right away if I got an email alert. Is there an option to receive email notification as soon as a post requires review? Thank you.

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There is a site setting called notify about queued posts after that sets the number of hours to wait before sending a notification to all site moderators about posts in the approval queue. The setting defaults to 24 hours. You can set it as low as 1 hour. Setting it to 0 will disable notifications about queued posts.

Notifications about queued posts are only sent to moderators, they are not sent to admins. If you’re an admin and wish to receive notifications about queued posts, you will need to grant yourself moderator status.


Thank you very much.

Is this documented somewhere? I’ve asked this question before and couldn’t get an answer so I’m very grateful for you sharing this!

@simon can you tell me where i find the list of queued posts for moderation



Thanks Gavin! much appreciated

it’s my pleasure. Just trying to help where I can. :slight_smile:

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