Email notifications when posts await approval?

I could find several posts about this but they were all closed and none that I could find had clear instructions on how to enable email notifications for admins when posts are awaiting approval.

How do I enable these?

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Configure the setting notify_about_queued_posts_after this should set a notification for moderators when a post is in approval queue for (x) hours.


It’s currently set to 24 hours in the instance I manage. However I don’t recall ever getting an email notification about posts awaiting in the approval queue, even after 24 hours. I’ll set it to 1 hour and we shall see. I wish I could just set it to “notify instantly”. Even waiting one hour to be notified seems overly long.

It’s assumed that moderators are active part of the community and if they’re unavailable, they’re probably busy with other things and moderation tasks shouldn’t bother them.

That may be true for large communities but for smaller ones, there are few moderators (maybe just a couple) and they only visit the forum occasionally, they’re not spending long stretches of time on it.

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They should probably need to update their email preferences to send notification for everything and apart form that, push notifications are a good way to bother them that something is happening!

Curious to know though why are you putting posts into moderation instead of publishing them if you have a really small community?

That’s the case for me, as far as I can tell:

Because even in small communities, or shall I say, especially in small communities, spam posts (and email notifications they trigger, etc.) are very annoying and highly visible (because of the few posts per day).


have you tried [your discourse url]/my/preferences/email page?

Ps: I’m digging at my instance if there are any other settings that we’ve changed to enable notifications for moderators!

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That page allows to me to change my email address. It’s already correct (and I do receive other notifications).

Thank you!!

Sorry, the link was /my/preferences/emails (it sets notification email preferences)

And I couldn’t find anything relevant in my site settings but our moderators do get notifications (albeit a few hours later in case none of them is alive) because we’re globally distributed in a way that at least 1 is online at any given time.

Cc @HAWK please help!! are you aware of any setting that notifies moderators immediately if a post is held for review?


Can you confirm this is enabled?

Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site

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The queued posts notification is only sent to moderators, it’s not sent to admins, so if you are not in the moderators group, you won’t be getting the notification. The job that sends the notification is run once an hour, so you can’t expect the notification to go out immediately. Setting the ‘notify about queued posts after’ setting to 0 will disable the queued post notifications. This may be a little counter intuitive, but how it works is explained in the setting’s description.


Ok, that’s the same page as the screenshot I posted above.

Yes, it is.

Yes. I’m both an admin and a moderator.


If the queue notification job runs hourly, but the “don’t include new member posts in digest” is 5 minutes, might it be a good idea to tweak that setting?

I’m not experienced with a forum with sparse and infrequent moderator presence. But if there is a chance that spam posts might get sent out I think something, if not this way some other way, should be in place.

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