I dislike the new mobile topic header behavior in 2.2.0.beta5

I’m in agreement here. Especially with the progress made on Proposing a left-aligned slide out hamburger menu. If there is simply an indicator, I can easily swipe to get the menu that holds flags or my notifications.

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So give us the option to disable the new header and everybody is happy :slight_smile:


No, no there is not.

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Is there any way people can disable this as a theme or site level customization @sam? That’d probably be best, so the people who don’t like it can disable it on their site.


Very much so. For anyone who gets hot linked into topics regularly (mods, or folks that use discourse as a ticketing system I wager) this feature is a godsend. Especially because trying to click on the post count indicator on an iphoneX or later is nearly impossible, because it brings up the lower status bar in Safari.

I can see the benefit of notifications for sure, however.


There should be a way for an admin to opt out and revert …


As a fellow iPhone X user, I think this is another great reason to follow Toast’s suggestion and flip the functionality so it shows the thread title when you scroll up and shows the normal one when you scroll down.

Scrolling up already makes the status bar appear, so now rather than having to scroll up, press the button, and then get the thread title, you can just flick up quickly. Plus, if you’re scrolling up already, you may be more likely to want to go to the top of the thread by clicking the title on the banner.

In short, I think Toast had the right idea with flipping the functionality. Having down be standard but having scrolling up be more thread-specific makes complete sense. If you’re reading a thread and want to navigate elsewhere, easy. If you’re scrolling up in a thread to try and find out what it is or get to the top, easy. All in all, I think this is the best solution I’ve yet heard.

Would still prefer settings for both the site admin and individual users to disable it if at all possible, but if it worked like that I just might leave it on.


I like this idea.

It also mimics the old workaround and should be pretty discoverable. When you don’t see the title, the natural response it to scroll up anyway since the title is at the top of the post. The header switching would just makes it show up more quickly, before reaching the top and before the address bar appears.


Just wanted to update: it’s been one week and I still hate it. :no_mouth: but I’m giving it a chance.


I think there’s something to be said for encouraging distraction free, focused reading in our communities.

In a world full of noise, focus is everything. Removing potiential distractions is a good move towards more engaged, thoughtful conversations IMO. Something that deserves to exist In a world of low calorie social media content.


It should be a choice, not an edict. May as well strip out all the gamification if distraction free conversations are a goal.

Apples and elephants.

Gamification has been demonstrated to improve engagement in communities and it’s not nearly as frequent as notifications for replies, messages etc.

Being able to turn on/off is probably a good compromise. But that’s easy for me to say, I’m not on the development team.

I think scrolling up 10px is pretty natural and a good ux. I’m good with my community members looking at notifications in batches.

I have not forgotten about this, we are missing some internals in our theme system that would allow theme authors to define user settings, it is on my list, I hope to get to it soon.

Once that is in place I can release a theme component that will make it “toggle-able” and then @orenwolf can add it if he sees fit.

It is @codinghorror’s call if he wants to make a setting here that impacts every single Discourse instance in the world, we are usually super protective and do not like adding user settings based on a very small data set.

If both @orenwolf then is against installing the component and @codinghorror against making this a global setting for all instances in the world, I will still offer a bone here and provide you with the stylish type js you can run, but on an iPhone I have no idea how you would go about adding it.

Personally, I do not think we need to carry another user setting here, but I can see some communities may want the user setting … maybe…


Not even remotely true, there’s a good case for not wanting notifications to interrupt whatever it is the reader is currently looking at, and only troubling them once they’ve left a topic. The notifications will still be there once they’ve finished reading the current post.


I can answer that right now. My #1 pet peeve on mobile is not knowing what topic I am in, as I very frequently jump from topic to topic. This new feature solves that, so I wouldn’t want to lose that feature personally.


Oren, sorry I was not super clear here.

The component would introduce a per user, default on setting they can toggle off if they don’t like things. The only annoyance is that there is yet another user setting you will need to explain.


Ah. Well in that case, we’re lucky we have a highly intelligent userbase. :wink:


I read this as it being a sitewide\admin toggle for a discourse install… vs a user setting?
The latter I can’t imagine it being worth it in most cases… very few people even go in there.

Yeah @sam I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here… not looking for a user setting at all, just a site-level tweak. Could be a customization even.


That’s just like your opinion, man.

Look, you may want to browse a certain “distraction free” way, and if that’s your thing, great. I happen like my social elements being easily and always visible, thank you very much.

Yeah, it won’t do me any good. But thanks anyway.

I’d be happy with a user setting. This current behavior makes me so angry every time I use a Discourse instance. I’ve given it a chance, and I don’t see myself ever liking it. Reading the thread I may be in the minority but I’m definitely not the only one.