I don't see the staff wrench on posts

I am confused now,

Where can I find the “post admin actions”? I can see the wrench “topic admin actions” and using the “select posts…” only gives me the options: “delete post”, “move to” and “change ownership”

The wrench next to the reply button (usually behind the … )



This is what I get with logged in as Admin, It looks like I am missing something…



Looks like you either aren’t staff, or your install is broken.

I am Admin and in the Staff group.

Is there anything specific to look at at the install or should I just reinstall?

Maybe you have a CSS or customization that’s preventing the post wrench from displaying?

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This one:
.post-notice {
display: none;
and two more: to prevent categories from displaying in the drop down menu

.category-links .category-link.subcategory {

and other one for banners

.anon .banner-box {

we had a plugin made to stop access to images unless logged in, even if they had the link to a specific image. If it was this one, maybe it would stop showing all the icons instead of only the post admin actions?

If you run you site in safe mode do you see the wrench icon?

before I do that, our test site has email disabled. would running it in safe mode affect this?

Why should it?

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asking just in case.

but no, still not seeing the wrench icon.

You can confirm that you expand the buttons on the post by clicking on . . ., right?

ok, sorry everyone and thanks Daniela, your question and the fact that I was also missing the Link icon made me thing that was something to do with the Settings.

Both were removed from the “Post menu hidden items”.

Icon is back on now.