Devotee Badge Issue!

I’m Putting this in the “Bug” Category for now however if I have put it in the wrong place then can an admin amend it accordingly.

Right here I go…

I’ve been testing badges as a user in the community I’ve been apart of for the last year or so (yeah I’m boring like that)

However as part of this I haven’t missed 1 day at all in the last 365-367 days as I write this and still going strong as queries were coming in thick and fast I was answering at silly hours sometimes which auto logged the daily count.

Yet on the 365th Day I logged in after 9am as it rarely turns over correctly past midnight on certain things in my timezone until this time & randomly throughout the day to check but I didn’t receive the “devotee” badge at all so I brushed it off and thought “oh the forum software hasn’t been updated/refreshed today yet”

The one thing I did notice was that I’d been Awarded the “Anniversary” badge and I had a Piece of cake next to my name all day which normally only comes up on my birthday if the date has been stored to my username for the “Cake Day” feature.

While I thought this was odd I captured the screenshot anyways and did notice the cake symbol was a bit out of place when the stats screen is collapsed see above ^^^

I left it at that but thought the icon shouldn’t be a cake icon but more of a party hat style icon/emoji for an Anniversary…but thats just a little nitpick. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

However as Day 366 rolled by and day 367 (today) there’s still no sign of the badge showing up.

This also happened with another Badge “New User Of The Month” in the beginning of my discourse journey and there wasn’t many new users registering at that point me & one other on the same day and I had proof yet I missed out on this badge too.

So my question is:- why are these badges not being awarded correctly along with certain other ones and is it an easy fix to be implemented by you genius programmers out there to code into the discourse software but I’m also wondering if this is clashing somewhere in the code between the two badges being awarded together as a year can sometimes be 366 days (leap year) sooo…maybe award the devotee badge at 367 days (1y 1day) instead either on your side globally or manually by a staff member’s control panel.

I just feel a little cheated by not getting my badge :smile: :laughing: & for wasting a year of my life logging in Devotedly :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:

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Have you checked the statistics of the last year?

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Cake day is the anniversary of your joining the community and shows: :cake:

Your birthday shows: :birthday:

You can see this distinction here in Meta:

Speaking of…

Happy Sixth Cake Day, @Dax!

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I believe the New User of the Month badge is awarded at the discretion of the community administrators. I was recently awarded it here in Meta.

No, the new user of the month badge gets granted automatically not by admins.

@PhantomR1982 you want to check your site background jobs are running as expected. You should get a badge every 24 hours.


I was talking about the “New User of the Month” badge. :slightly_smiling_face:

I clarified for… well… clarity.

Please read Devotee Badge and Timezones, relaxing requirements? - #2 by Falco


Yes I check those stats quite often however they are not always upto date.

Clicking your link above creates the date range three days after I joined but it is always a day or two out (see below)

Yet the stats on my above images were accurate for the day of the post.

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You Actually Might Be Right On This and I’ll hold my hands up on that as I thought Cake Day was birthday related as I could have sworn I saw just a piece of cake on my birthday…not that any user saw it or made any reference to it lol.

Either Way I Got the piece of cake at least for the 365 days as you saw above and the Anniversary badge.

To my knowledge from what I read up on the badges and there’s lots of stuff out there hiding the first 2 new users of a month are awarded the badge yet in my community I got skipped and someone who registered the day after got the badge along with someone who registered the same day as me…I checked like I was going mad back then as I was finding bugs on everything,thankfully it’s gotten slightly better overtime.
But I believe an actual admin can award a badge manually but that feels like a cheat too.

I believe such badges like TL4 require descretion of the Admins of the discourse site as I’ve read up and seen this happen over the past year.

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You are correct. The TL4 (Leader) badge is awarded at the discretion of the administrators of a Discourse community.

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Funny enough I read this post before I actually crafted my post @Falco and I took care incase you or @codinghorror jumped onto the post first.

While I’m talking from the perspective of a user I can’t actually make changes to the code background options or even play with the admin settings over at to give myself a :+1: over that of a basic user or someone who is just learning to use discourse for the first time.

I just play/explore all the options just to see what happens such as finding “Dark Mode” then I get asked how I did that :slight_smile: for which I can then advise as they don’t like white mode.

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Psst @griffin

This guide I stumbled on while snooping a year ago was very helpful and I spent quite a few days reading it to learning trust levels at first then badges etc…

Just by clicking the “granted” link on a trust level on the badges page.

When other users asked how to add more than one image for example to a post I ended up using this guide & extracts from it to help them understand how to “level up” to post normally.

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I’m very familiar with that guide and have cited it many times myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Notice that the Elder level only appears in the image and nowhere else…


One day there will be an automated way to go up to TL4 I HOPE Without admin involvement then Elder Level can be Admin/Staff.

We’ll see.

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There has been talk of a voting system… :wink:

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The power TL4 has is huge, I think an optional voting system would be better. (To prevent abuse)


And to quote one of my Favourite Heroes from my childhood who is currently making a comeback on Netflix.


yet this should be "By The Power Of Discourse !!!,I Have The TL4 POOOWWWEEERRRRR !!!

Okay I know this was just Corny even for my standards.

I Have The Power GIF


While this may not be related I just logged into Meta and I see that I have earned the “Anniversary” Badge here however it was only awarded 3 hours ago at 6am in my timezone the day after I registered here (7th of July) now I don’t expect the “Devotee” badge here as I haven’t logged in daily without fail,so I’m wondering is there somekind of timezone issue in the discourse code for your timezone rather than the users timezone for the hosted site.

There was/is NO piece of Cake next to my profile and not one I saw yesterday either like i saw on the forum I’m apart of.

It could just be when you refreshed/updated the forum database via an Admin/Staff member logging in.