I have a project in mind, and I don't know if I can do it with Discourse

If i have three webs, and I want each one to have their forum, i see two diferent options:

-First: One single discourse installation on another domain (global project), and to make three categories inside. One for each web/forum. Subdomains point to categories. Pros: database user is shared. Only one user register for all.

-Second: In a one vps to install three discourse forum (is it posible? what requetiments?). One forum for each web. Subdomains point to a diferents discourse installations. Thus, a user must register in each forum, or can you use them all with a single record?

What is the best option?


That won’t work.

You can set it up as “multisite”, where one installation can host multiple independent Discourses.

You can set up one instance as the DiscourseConnect provider and have the others SSO towards it.


Kind of works… All posts of subdomain are published to same category so on the side of a site it looks like those two are connected.

But if there is need to hide those other categories ”connected” to a subdomain it will be more difficult — sure, when an user registerate an account on Discourse she/he can choose which subdomain, aka. category will be visible and all others are muted.

Using every subdomain as another SSO and via that could show one category and mute another.

Not work out-of-the-box or even easily. As @RGJ said having multiple installs is quite trivial so the right solution depends:

  • will category structure serve something, like need to build wider community, or
  • is there a real need to keep those separated

What I have are several “.com” thematic blogs (Cinema, Economy, Health, etc.), each one with its own forum (joomla and kunena) and independent users, but they have been dead for a long time and now I want to update and restructure everything with a new forum system. If possible a single installation on a VPS, and user base, shared registration, but with each section well separated, because the visits will come from different blogs, as appropriate (Cinema, Economy, etc).