I need configuration information

  1. How can I add colorful tags in topics? and displaying the number of times they have been used.
  2. Where is the number of topics displayed in the information under the category
  3. Where is the option to sort by category order
  4. How to display a list of all tags on the main page of the forum

Thank you in advance for your answers I can’t handle it :slight_smile:

Hi, Welcome to Discourse meta

This functionality doesn’t exist in discourse, You’ll have to create a plugin to count the tag usage

If you go to /categories the number of posts is displayed next to the category name.

I don’t follow what do you want to sort here?

Again, You’ll need to write some kind of theme component or plugin for that.


The point is that the A1 category should be higher than the A2 in the list

You can sort categories by enabling a setting in admin area called fixed category positions


Ok thanks ,
when it comes to these two things or “all tags” and displaying the available tags under the category can be done without plugins?