Links to tags at top of a category

Is there a way to add simple links to select tags at the top of a category? This would be a helpful way to create buttons which users on that category could use to filter the category’s posts.

For example, we have a category set up where folks can make a proposal. These proposals get tagged to label and organize them: #implemented #scoping #new #estimate-needed etc.

It would be helpful if select tags could be set to appear at the top of a category so that folks could click them and explore the contents of the category in a more organized way.

To get utopian, it would be incredible if each tag at the top of the category showed a number next to it for the number of posts in the category with that tag: #implemented (5) #new (13). I use certain categories for basic task management; if I could see these numbers at a glance it would be an effective way to see the number of outstanding or completed tasks – without going full kanban.

Anyone with experience in this area, let me know. I’m new to getting the most out of tags on Discourse. Appreciate any links to good resources, components, plugins, which get the most out of them.

If you enable the tags drop-down, it is filtered for tags that appear in each Category when you select a specific Category.

Not quite the visual result you want, but it is quite useful.

Unfortunately the data currently serialized doesn’t include a frequency. That might be added but you would probably need a plugin to play with what is sent down …

Theme Components in this space include:

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Thank you, Robert! I installed the tag sidebar and it is a big step in the direction I was hoping for. :pray:

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