I want to know which plugin is used to nest replies in replies?

Like this:

Hey @Zard_W Welcome to Meta!

It’s part of Discourse core.
There are some settings which hide the indicator under certain conditions:


thanks for help! :+1:

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@Moin How about this section?
It’s embedded-replies? but doesn’t work for me. :frowning_face:

:point_up: do you mean this? that’s a quote — you can do this by highlighting text and selecting “quote”



yes! sometimes, it display in input when click reply in this site. I try use QUOTE in my site, but failed, so does it need to install plugins?

You’ve quoted the entire post, so the system believes that is gratuitous and pointless because the reader can see the post just above and read it in full easily, so it removes the quote.

When you run a site for a while and see people regularly quoting the previous post in its entirety, you will understand how nice this is: it is just a complete waste of space!

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And if you don’t like it you can change the remove_full_quote site setting.
Removal of full quotes from direct replies

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You can try this Theme Component


Thanks a lot, I totally understand this function. :+1:

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