Automatically add group flair to members' avatars


Group avatar flair displays to the bottom-right of a user’s avatar, providing a stylish way to highlight a user’s group membership. When creating or configuring a group, and admin can choose an image or Font Awesome icon to use as group flair. Below are the currently supported contexts using our :discourse: logo as an example:

User Cards

Topic/PM Posts

Topic maps

User profile banners


To start with a new group, open your hamburger menu and select “Groups,” then select the + New Group button. You’ll want to review each settings, but the settings most relevant o avatar flair are those listed below:

Under Avatar Flair Image are two options:

The Avatar Flair Background Color setting allows you include a circular colored background. This works particularly well when using a font awesome icon, or an image with a transparent background.

Under Effects, there is a checkbox to “Automatically set as primary group.” Group avatar flair will only display for a user when the relevant group is set as the user’s primary group, so this is an important setting.

:warning: If a user is a member of two groups that have enabled this setting, the group flair that displays will be the one associated with the group most recently joined. It’s also worth noting that primary groups can be manually overridden by an admin on a user’s admin page, or by the user when the user selected primary groups setting is enabled.

The settings pictured above can be configured for existing groups by going to Group Page > Manage > Profile and Group Page > Manage > Membership

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