Icons on the "compose" pane toolbar

I’m modifying the icons on the compose pane toolbar. The default icons are shown below: -


I’m displaying an extra book icon as I guessed the name of the icon. Is there a list of the built-in available icons?

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Yes, we use font awesome. All of these icons should be available: Font Awesome Cheatsheet


Thanks Kris.

That’s what I thought at first, but when I specify a FA icon name from that page it doesn’t display eg: “fa-paw” appears as a blank space, as did the other FA icon names I tried. Whereas if I choose “book” it works.

This is the context of it’s usage, in case that helps:

  api.onToolbarCreate(toolbar => {
    id: "id_goes_here",
    group: "extras",
    icon: "book",
    title: "Title_Name",
    perform: e => e.addText("Test to add to compose textbox.")        

What font awesome version are you expecting?

I’m not specifically after Font Awesome. I’m just wanting a list of supported icons so I can choose suitable ones.

“Book” works - and I presume this isn’t font awesome, so presumably there’s some specific unicode icons supported? Or, perhaps there’s a special way to list the FA icon name in my code above that I’m not doing.

No, ‘book’ works because behind the scenes it is being changed to ‘fa-book’, for ‘paw’ to work, you would have to use ‘paw’.


Perfect @cpradio, “Paw” worked correctly.

So now I can reference the FA icon list that Kris provided above.

Thanks all. I’m sorted.

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