Idea: Pushbullet Integration

People could plug in their API keys into their profile/settings and get notifications/pushes when they got a reply, etc.

I think this shouldn’t be too hard for someone to hack together :smiley:

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As a fellow PushBullet user, I could definitely go for this.

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I’m all for Pushbullet.

Wow, are you guys seriously telling me that this thing lets you push short text notifications to all your devices in real time? That’s seriously awesome, I wonder why nobody ever thought about this before…

Oh. Wait. :unamused:

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@elberet I mentioned this several times on meta. I’m using Pushbullet to notifiy me about bug/ fatal errors on my website.

I actually plan on writing a plugin to do this soon, although if someone else can get to it you’ll likely do a better job so go for it! :smiley:

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@Mooash I’m not a ruby guy. Sorry. But I think this should be some kind of web hooks that offically support from Discourse and we can make plugin with these hooks