Sending push notifications to Android devices

(Aravinth) #1

Any idea on how to send push notifications to android mobiles or tablets for every new post?

Discourse as Android Application
(Khoa Nguyen) #2

I used to do that with Pushbullet ( with my PHP app.
PushBullet support send notification to android, iOS, Chrome/firefox browser and Windows Phone (unoffically support) by create HTTP request .
But I’m a noob with ruby so…
But I think make a hook when new notification arrive …

Discourse as Android Application
(Aravinth) #3

I want to implement in my own application. Any idea on how to do that?

(Khoa Nguyen) #4

As I’m noob with ruby so I don’t know how to do that.
Here is pushbullet api documentation Pushbullet API

(Aravinth) #5

@codinghorror any idea on how this can be implemented?

(Alan Tan) #6

Facebook started sending push notifications from chrome a few days back on my Android device.

I guess this is a feature we want for Discourse as well?

(Sam Saffron) #7

Yeah, but seems kind of tricky to pull off :wink:

(Alan Tan) #8


I moved this to the feature category :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alan Tan) #9

Ah duplicate of Exploring ServiceWorkers for Discourse

(Alan Tan) #10