Is it possible to re-earn Regular status?

(Parham Bahrami) #1

Just wanted to know since I lost it the other day for getting too many flags. (._.)

Is it possible to get it back?

Input from site Moderators and Admins requested: how often do you deal with flags, blocks, suspensions, and tough users
(Daniela) #2

Well, theoretically yes, among at least 100 days

Imho, we would have to discuss whether a user who has received an high number of flags deserves the right to return to trust level 3…especially because moderators have approved the flags.

So, it is better if you think why you have so many flags instead if you can re-earn trust level 3.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Remember only flags that are explicitly agreed on by a moderator count toward this limit.

Deferred and declined flags don’t count.



A doubt, if an user had won level 1, and a mod “demote” (or take away) and move that user to level 0… is it possible to re-earn again having “again” the requirements for trust level 1?

(Mittineague) #5

Huh? IMHO the requirements for TL1 are extremely easy to meet.

For the most part, Trust Levels are “automatic” TL0 -> TL 1 -> TL 2 and are all “one way” unless a Moderator “adjusts” the TL for the member.

TL 3 is an exception because it can be lost automatically.

In the case of TL 3 getting dropped to TL 2, “re-earn” means only needing to meet the requirements again.
In the case where the Trust Level has been set by a Moderator, the “re-earn” will for the most part be another Moderator decision to do so.

There are a lot of shades of grey. I imagine for most serious offenses an account would be Suspended, while for “lesser crimes” a trial period would be given.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Well, if I understand the system correctly at the moment, once 100 days pass for the first flag (assuming they only 5), with all other requirements met they would move back up to TL3. If the moderators feel that the user should not reach TL3 again, they can simply lock the TL.

(Daniela) #7

Sure, this is clear.
I was saying to @Parham_Bahrami that if moderators have accepted 5 flags it means that he is not a good contributor and he have to think about it instead of re-earn TL3. That’s because if he re-earn a TL3 he have a good change to come back again to TL2 very early.

To be clear, if one of my users take 5 flags accepted by moderators he is on the way to take even a suspension/ban and not only a lock to TL2 or TL1.
TL2 or TL3 is a minor problem from my point of view.

(Parham Bahrami) #8

5 flags? There are 1000s of people on our forums. A single slip up could get you out on that site.

(Mittineague) #9

I imagine most Moderators are, errmm, moderate.

That is, except in cases of out-right blatant SPAM, hopefully they give at least one “free pass” and are generous giving benefit of doubt.

Of course it’s up to the site Admin(s) to say what is acceptable and what is not, and what should be the action taken in different situations.

IMHO if a Moderator is unable to agree with the Admin(s) vision they should step down. Likewise if a Moderator is having a “bad day” or has a “conflict of interest” (i.e. something that might bias their judgement) they should defer any final decision to others.
Not that this is always the case, But I would hope it is more often than not.

There are all kinds of things that might be “policy violations”. Fluffy posts, argumentative behavior, member bashing, flaming, trolling, fake signatures, self-promotion, cross-posting, making off-topic posts, NSFW posts, etc. etc.

So for one example, say a member starts a topic “My new web site” that is nothing more than an advertisement with a keyword link-text link or three. But it is the first time the member did anything like this.

Maybe the member made the post while excited about their new site. Maybe they were unaware of the Policy,

The fair thing to do would be to contact the member, explain why the topic was unlisted, ask them to read the Policy and to please ask about anything they don’t understand about it, Then remind them that they are valued as a member.

They behave from then on? Great! They do it again? Not so great, this time it probably counts as a “strike” against them. They do it again? It looks like they are intentionally disregarding policy.

What then happens depends on how the site has decided various Policy violations are to be handled.

Maybe their TL gets lowered and or locked for a while, maybe a short time-out Block to force a cooling off period, Maybe a temporary Suspension, Maybe a permanent Suspension. In any case, fore-warned is fair.

(Parham Bahrami) #10

Look. I just needed an answer.

If I get less than 5 flags in 100 days and reach all requirements, is it possible to rejoin or not?

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer was what I was looking for.

This topic has gone off topic faster than a cheetah.

(Felix Freiberger) #11

Here’s the third word of the first reply you got:

(Parham Bahrami) #12

That’s the second word I got.

Anyway, the mods said that If I do reach the requirements in 100 days they’ll promote me anyway. TL3 is not out of sight for me.

This can be closed. Talk about the actions taken on your websites somewhere else, please.

(Jeff Atwood) #13