If I'm doing a "rebuild app" and close the putty session will the process be interrupted?

I started ./launcher rebuild app to update docker using Putty to the remote server, and during the process I needed to restart my local computer, then I rebooted but the new Putty session is now clean and I don’t know if the rebuild process still going on, currently I can’t reach my forum, but because it takes time to complete the rebuild, I don’t know if have to wait or the process failed.


So, it appears that the process gets interrupted if you close a Putty session.

I run the commands again, and now the forum is up an running again.

For newbies, rule of thumb, don’t close Putty session during rebuild.


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The solution is to use tmux before you start. If you are disconnected you can reconnect with

 tmux attach 

When you log in again. (screen is similar).