Interrupting ./launcher rebuild app

Hey there smart ones,

Curious to know, if I issue ./launcher rebuild app do I need to maintain connection to the console of my droplet on DigitalOcean? Or can I kick it off and then disconnect from it, let’s say- I’m on a laptop in a coffee shop and it’s taking forever (because that totally isn’t what i’m doing right now waiting for my brother to get out of class)

If you’re going to disconnect, you should start


And if you connect again later,

tmux attach 

To see that it finished


so i can’t just close the console during an app rebuild is what you’re saying? Do you have some documentation on the tmux thing you’re referring to? :slight_smile:

No. The standard practice is to just keep the terminal open while stuff is running. You asked for the secret way. If you want to know more about tmux you’ll need to Google. It’s not a Discourse thing.


Awesome, cheers @pfaffman

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