If last reply is from ignored user, suggested topics are not shown

I see this behavior on https://community.wanikani.com. I cannot verify here on Meta since the ignore feature isn’t available (at least to me).

I only have one user ignored on that site and only for the last week or so, so I never noticed before. But if you are viewing a topic where the last post is by a user you are ignoring, the Suggested Topics section isn’t rendered.

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Can you repro this @tshenry?


I can definitely repro. Steps below:

  1. Ignore a user
  2. Go to a topic where the last post was made by the ignored user
  3. If suggested topics are present, refresh the page. They will be gone once the page loads
  4. Select “VIEW HIDDEN REPLY” to show the post from the ignored user AND the suggested topics

Interestingly the request path when selecting “VIEW HIDDEN REPLY” has a parameter to include suggested topics:


Note: suggested topics display fine when viewing an ignored user’s topic that has 0 replies.


That is odd. any thoughts on this @david?


This was definitely an odd one. Suggested topics are serialised along with the ‘last page’ of posts in a topic. If the last post was from an ignored user, then there was a bug which meant the server thought there was another page, even though that page would be empty. Should be fixed by



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