Suggested Unread Topics showing Ignored Users

Hello Discoursians! Long time user, first time bug reporter.

I’ve recently “Ignored” (soft blocked?) a few annoying users on my home instance. Now their replies are auto-hidden. Yay! :partying_face:

Unfortunately, this has meant that when I read a topic thread, if the last post in the thread is one of these guys’… the thread isn’t marked as fully read and it will still be suggested in my unread topics footer.

Similarly, if a thread I had read gets a bunch of back and forth replies between these ignored users, the thread will also be recommended to me, even though there’s no new content there (that I actually want to see).

Thanks for all your hard work making the internet a better place and for your consideration.


This is a very very complicated thing to fix. I hear you on the frustration here but to fix this we would have to “pretend” read every post by any users you ignore. This is a rather complex change, I am afraid we can not slot this work at the moment, but if there are few more requests we can reconsider.

I vaguely recall this was mentioned previously?

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I agree that solution would be horribly complicated to implement.

Curious to know why that’s the only possible solution.

Surely there’s a DB query happening somewhere that fetches the latest unread reply. Is adding a JOIN there to filter out replies by ignored users too slow to be feasible or something?

Of course. Always have to prioritize. Thanks for the consideration :smiling_face:

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You can also simply dismiss topics in the unread list if you don’t want to read them, if you do this there is also the option to change notification settings for all threads in that list:

There are a lot of other settings you can adjust in the preferences - tracking tab that can be helpful to adjust when you will or will not see notifications.

Yeah, thanks @anon65426961 but that seems like a bad solution. I am still interested in these topics. Just not the “contributions” of these particular users.

Well I agree the ignore/mute user feature could use some more refinement, I did find that to be kind of clunky so don’t usually use that.

What you described does kind of seem like a bug, however technically if you are ignoring someone that does indeed mean you have not read anything that is being ignored so it is accurate for threads to still be listed as not entirely read.

Sure. So, technically this a “post recommendations ranking algorithm” bug :wink:

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