Topics created by ignored users showing on homepage

Hi, apologies if I’m doing this wrong or if it’s in the wrong category - first post. I am a moderator on a site that uses this software and I have noticed that when I select ‘ignore’ a user, their posts still show up in my feed, i.e. on the homepage. When I click on it the actual content shows as 'Ignored content. Could this be fixed so that ignored users are completely filtered out of people’s feed?


I’ve seen this issue too - on our forum user mutes/ignores are critical for some.

Showing the topics of muted/ignored users on the homepage (to the right of the category list) is definitely a serious bug. (Desktop only naturally)


I am pretty sure this is by design at the moment, @david can confirm.

I guess we should change it so ignored users topics are omitted from latest.


Yeah that’s right - at the moment muting users only hides post content, it won’t hide whole topics.

I guess we could make it apply to topics which the muted user creates, but it means you would miss all the replies from “non muted” users along the way…


Oh wow, I’m quite surprised to learn that it is intentional. I guess for other sites maybe that does make sense, specifically because of:

Our site is probably not typical - the topics being made are very personal and revolve around the creator themselves the vast majority of the time, as do the replies. It’s not a forum centered around a fandom or product, it’s a place for people struggling with mental health to vent and/or seek support.

The situation we have is that person x wants to see nothing at all from person y, as their very prescense is triggering to them. I do personally think that regardless of the forum type, if you mute a user you shouldn’t see them at all anywhere - including their created topics. I don’t think that behaviour should necessarily be unique to “our kind” of site.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense - when the topics are heavily centred around the topic creator, then muting the whole topic is desirable.

The flip side is a community like meta, where we often have #feature topics that span multiple years. The OP of those topics often have no particular control over the topic - they were just the first to suggest it.

If we do implement this, it may have to be behind a setting so that site admins can turn it on/off depending on their community style.


Yeah the flipside does make sense to me too, if this could be implemented behind a toggle that would be great!

@sam @david Just reading through this post just made me think of something.

Could the muted/ignored users posts be dumped/extracted from a thread and placed into a type of TL3 style Catagory under a specific TLX flag that only users that are Blocked/Ignored can see.

I Recently Got Up To TL3 as a user and seeing this invisible category that we hardly use is uniques so repurposing this as a type of
Timeout/Cooling Of Room may

Just an Idea Mind You.