I'm lost in my folder structure...oops

Hey there, embarrassing moment but I seem to have gotten lost in my file structure as everything looks different suddenly and I’m not sure what changed. Connecting in to the console on DigitalOcean I am dropped into what i thought was the default location where discourse was alongside “launcher” and all that, but doing a dir I get a set of files I’m not familiar with. I thought maybe backing out to /var/ would give me a /var/discourse, but I don’t have that. So I’m at a total loss where everything has moved to. I’m not sure how to communicate to you what I’m seeing…


shouldn’t the standard install location be /var/discourse? And there I should be able to do ./launcher commands? Where should I be?

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It looks like you could be inside the docker container. Try running exit, and you should end up back on the host machine.


Holy butts, you sir are a wizard. That was it, thank you. I am not sure how I ended up in that state.


The most likely way is if you ran

./launcher enter app

There are some situations where it is useful, but it can certainly be confusing if you aren’t expecting it! :wink:


that certainly sounds like something I might have accidentally done at one point. I was on a quest to just reboot my discourse instance so was trying to do a ./launcher stop app and ./launcher start app to achieve that

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Random tidbit of advice: ./launcher restart app will let you do that in one command.


I found some half-related thread somewhere and the user said it didn’t work, so I went for the 2-step method but I will note that for next time and try it myself. It was likely old info, I didn’t note the timestamps on that post.

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