Image Hosting on S3

Good morning.

I am contemplating moving most of the images on my site to S3, simply to reduce the amount of storage needed on my local server, and to reduce the size of the backup files. That being said, here is my conundrum.

If down the road, I can no longer manage/maintain the site, and I want to transfer it to another person, is there a way for either of the following to happen?

  1. Transfer the S3 assets to a different S3 org/bucket
  2. Rehydrate the assets onto a local server?

As an aside, is it possible to create a ‘full’ backup of the site, that includes items hosted in an s3 bucket?


i have same question

There is a hidden setting called something like ‘download S3 uploads on backup’. Cdck enables it when a site is shut down. It will include the S3 assets in the backup.

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