Image in banner topic

(Helperhaps) #1

My Discourse version is v1.6 stable

In my local discourse, it is not install under docker. I run it with rails s. I uploaded a random image. And changed its width from 690 to 100% to make it look more better as a banner.

Then make it banner. It works just well.

BUT when i do the same thing in docker env, It changed

I have no idea what to do with it, but who can tell me what happened and what to do with it

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

On your local dev are you running sidekiq? Because this looks like the image processing is kicking in and adding the lightbox to the image.

(Helperhaps) #3

My bad.

But it could’t be that. How to make the image in the banner ? It looks not so good when the image like this.

The right side of the banner is blank.