Our discourse Images are not lightboxed

(JYP) #1

Could someone help me to get the image lightboxing working.

I uploaded a image. image resolution is 1772 x 2362.

But Images are without thumbnails and without lightboxes.

I checked create thumbnails option.

Settings part: File > create thumbnails

My Discourse is on private network. But we opened the firewall to connect from the outside.
Version is v2.0.0.beta5+12.


What is the problem?


Possibly related:

(JYP) #3

Thank you for your reply.

I updated today to latest revision and already up to date.

and I tried safe mode.

but lightbox is not appearing no matter how I get the picture/image into the Post.

What shoud I do??


No problem. I wish I could help you more, but unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge on the subject. Hopefully someone that knows more will respond soon. I would also watch the topic that I linked to. It might eventually have a solution posted.

In the mean time, you might want to take a look at your logs and see if there are similarities to the logs posted in that topic. I’m pretty sure the logs you would be interested in can be found by adding /logs to your forum’s base URL. So it would look something like https://example.com/logs The user in that topic also mentions a proxy. Are you using a proxy?

If you can provide this type of information, it should be helpful to someone that reads this topic and has a better understanding on the subject.

I wish you luck in solving the problem!

(JYP) #5

thank you tshenry.

our discourse is not using proxy and https.

I still do not know the cause of the problem. :cold_sweat:

Thank you. ^^

(Stephen Chung) #6

First thing first. If possible, upload that image to meta here. See if it works.

If it doesn’t work in meta, then it is much easier for the team to fix as there is their repo right here.

If it works in meta but not on your site, then there must be a setting conflict somewhere.

I can see that the image in your original post successfully lightboxes.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

We’d prefer if you could upload to try first (try.discourse.org), that way we don’t start getting image uploads all over the place. If the image fails to lightbox on try, then feel free to upload it here so the example doesn’t get deleted when try is reset each day. If the image lightboxes on try then the issue is specific to your configuration as @schungx stated.