Image Render Consistency

When I post images, I prefer to keep them the same width for consistency. To achieve this, I adjust the proportions (width x height).

Even when I specify the image’s proportions, if the image is proportionally tall, Discourse renders it smaller, requiring users to click to view it. I often post screenshots and need the images to display without clicking. Do you have any advice on setting image attributes to prevent Discourse from overriding the image’s rendered size? I know what Discourse is trying to do but at times, I would like more control over how images are rendered.

Thanks again and apologize if this question was asked before.

Sorry there was no response so I’ll do my best to add clarity:

Let’s say I have a variety of images of different sizes, but I want them all the same width:


I specified the width and height attributes to ensure the images are proportional, preventing stretching or clipping. However, larger images are rendered to be shrunk down by Discourse, and very tall images are clipped or visually made much smaller, requiring users to click to view them fully. Is there an attribute that forces the image to render at the specified dimensions?

Figured out the solution (thanks for the help @JammyDodger).

Turns out there is a server setting (which I’m sure everyone here was familiar with):
min ratio to crop

I modified this and disabled thumb-nailing and this did the trick.

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