Image upload is broken in 1.4 beta 5

Get upload worked after downgrading back to v1.4.0.beta4

Gif upload

Png upload

Jpg upload

Seems OK to me, this is beta 6 here. There was an issue with beta 5 due to an error in the configuration that @zogstrip checked in at the last minute…

Another png

I have rechecked it again.
Images upload is definitely broken for me, and 1.4.0.beta6 too, not only for 1.4.0.beta5.
More, it is broken not only for PNG, but for other types (JPEG) too.
I use standard Docker installation, but my difference from Meta is images storage: I use local, not Amazon.
It is not a problem for me: I have just reverted to version: v1.4.0.beta4 and later will debug the code.

Fixed. It was my fault. Get upload working after removing all the plugins.

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Changing title back since image uploads absolutely were broken in beta5…