Should the Bug category be set up to use the Solved plugin?

Continuing the discussion from Image upload is broken in 1.4 beta 5:

Seems to me the Solved plugin would go well with the Bug category… thoughts?


Totally agree here :smile:

Why? What does it offer over closing the topic to indicate the bug is fixed?

You shouldn’t close the topic to indicate it is fixed - because it might NOT be fixed… It allows the user to come in and say “Hey I just tested it and the issue seems to be resolved” - and mark it as fixed. If it returns in a regression, or was only partially fixed the thread is still open so another user can hop in and post “No actually not fixed because…” (or the same user can come back in and say “This is back so I’ve removed the “Solved” for now”) - also you can see the icon in the thread list.

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In that case I would set it to close in (n) hours or (n) hours after the last post. We can verify when bugs are fixed because we have a repro.

And they can always open a new topic if needed, or flag the existing one for re-open.

Seems rather pointless to me in the bug category.

What made me think of it is the nice Solved checkbox image on the support tickets. Looks nice, feels complete.

I like seeing just which post had the solution. Also, I can’t think of any down sides (cost, etc). I don’t think it’s a huge deal one way or the other.

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Support is a very different category than bug. Bugs require step by step repros.

Needing repro in the Bug category is very true, but isn’t related to how it’s closed. Sometimes I solve a problem by fixing a bug, sometimes I solve it by teaching how it’s done, etc.

Regardless, once a topic on the Bug category is dealt with, I think the nice little Solved checkbox would be a very nice touch. It could also help prevent cases where a topic gets locked before it’s actually solved.


If that’s the case then it should be recategorized support.

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