Multiple image upload on mobile

(Dean Taylor) #1

Continuing the discussion from Multiple Image Upload:

Uploading images on mobile is far more annoying process compared to desktop…

… allowing multiple image uploads on mobile helps with some of that pain.

Pull request:

Although not many devices support it, Android 5+ with Chrome 50+, iOS 6.1+

Where “multiple” is not available it degrades nicely.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure looks good to me – thanks, let’s try it!

(Dean Taylor) #3

I’ve been testing multiple uploads on mobile and it works correctly on:

  • iPhone 4S, iOS 9.3.1.
  • OnePlus One, updated to latest Android 6.0.1 and Chrome 50.0.2661.89.

(GRX) #4

i can select multiples images on mobile then immediatly downloaded :slight_smile:

it works - iOS 9.3 iphone 6

(Dean Taylor) #5

Also tested and working correctly on:

  • OnePlus Two Android 5.1.1 and Chrome 50.02661.89.

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