Impossible to change Persona settings when default locale is not English

Somehow it is not possible to change for example the allowed groups setting when the default locale is not English.
Locale set to German:

The error message is:

cannot_edit_system_persona: “System personas can only be renamed, you may not edit commands or system prompt, instead disable and make a copy”

Same steps with default locale set to English


How were you able to edit the name and description, we do not make them editable, you need to rework prompts in other languages, so allowing you to simply rename is not ideal.

For now the way of working around it:

  1. Disable the default english person
  2. Create a new persona - copy and translate system prompt, ensure all commands are selected

And you will have an excellently working German persona.

EDIT… oh … I see the bug … tricky, will add a bypass.

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Will be fixed per:


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