Impressed and excited about Discourse

To say that I’m excited about Discourse would be an understatement. In the past week, I’ve hardly slept, yet I’ve managed to set up and configure a community complete with custom branding, AI, automation, and various plugins! I’m planning to go “live” with it in January. I love how Discourse allows me to merge my tech interests in building and enhancing something new with a completely different community aspect in my personal life.

I just checked my stats on Meta and couldn’t help but laugh. It seems I might have become a bit obsessive. I’m really grateful for all the information everyone has shared, and I’m looking forward to being an active part of this community!


Yaaaay! Congratulations on finding your tribe, @Rusty_M !! I felt the very same way when I discovered and began using Discourse!

Discourse is light years ahead in large part due to the community here.

Thank you for posting and introducing yourself, and welcome in!!!


Welcome. Discourse has many features that you can use, including a large collection of themes, plugins, and powerful moderation features.

Have fun, and thanks for choosing Discourse. :slight_smile: