Discourse is more than I could have asked for

Recently I decided to start my own Discourse forum, after using Discourse through multiple sites within 2 years.

When I first bought a domain, it took no more than 24 hours to get a site set up, which was extremely fast!

I’m still in the main process of setting up the forum, but so far, it’s been amazing. There’s almost no waiting for anything to load. Setting up categories is near instant and permissions are basic and clean. The amount of community support for the app is outstanding, as well. I was able to find a plugin and theme component for everything I needed. Everything, the Trust Levels, Moderation system, organization system, is completely perfect and way more than I could have ever asked for.

I love how custom everything is! There’s probably near 200 site settings, and you can customize all text and messages sent off to users and seen in production.

Huge thanks to everybody that has worked on the project! Keep up the great work, excited to see what’s coming for it in the future.


Trust me, you’ll keep finding and finding more stuff.

I even use Discourse as a personal notebook just because the search function is the best I’ve ever seen.


I agree! When I first started off using Discourse I found many things very easy to get things started. It is definitely a simple and clean design. :heart: Discourse :tada:


Same here. I had trouble writing things down. I used a personal Discord server, but I switched to my own private Discourse to have full control of my data and to organize things better.

Of course, there are other software more suitable for this kind of stuff, and I use Discourse because I’m familiar with it.


@Pixlz, you’ll love Discourse and as @MarcP said, you’ll find more stuff to enhance your instance.

Discourse as a Personal Assistant/Notebook… now that’s very interesting to me. I will be doing a lot more :thinking: about this. Thank you for that use case, @MarcP and @Canapin . :+1:


Yep, I just familiarized myself with Sidekiq and the admin panel and I love how simple yet powerful everything is, just a click of a button and you’ve just changed some things that would be unheard of to change on other websites, or fire events on the spot via Sidekiq!


Also let me add how it runs on mostly everything very smoothly, I used it with my switch today lol

It was super responsive still!