Improvement: Avatars should not be used as post thumbnails

Not sure if I formulated the title quite correctly - sorry, not my native language.

I dislike the fact that user avatars are used as post thumbnails:

  • Avatars are often quite “creative”
  • Hardly ever related to the topic content


Here is a tweet (in Finnish). It’s a part of discussion regarding the usage statistics of major Finnish forums/online communities.

That is freaking Ozzy Osbourne!

It’s there as there is a link in that tweet to this post and it’s the user’s avatar:

Now if you open that link, you’ll notice that in that post there would also be a discussion related image available.

Now that would make sense as the discussion on Twitter and the forum is about usage statistics.


Post content images could/should be used for thumbnailing, instead of the avatars. What do you think? Technically feasible?


No, avatars are used as post thumbnails.

Here’s a link to your topic on Facebook.

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Thank you. Corrected. What do you think about my proposal in general?

Sounds in line with:

So a post would behave like a topic, first image gets to be the og:image with fallback to default opengraph image url.

A PR in this area would be welcome.