Improvements for for muting and ignoring users in chat

Scenario 1

How does the blocking system work successfully if no conversation has been started yet ?

The following conditions must be met for the blocking system to work.

  • Scenario 1 > Conditions-A

Initial chat must not be started between Jane and David and Jane must have selected the last option (Allow only certain users to send me personal messages or chat direct messages)


  • Scenario 1 > Conditions-B

Initial chat must not be initiated between Jane and David and Jane must have added David to the ignored list.

Scenario 1 Screenshots

As you can see, users shouldn’t need to initiate a conversation for the blocking system to work. I think this is a problem because people should be able to block the other user even after a conversation has started…

Well, let’s see how the system works after a chat starts.

Scenario 2

How does the system work if the conversation is started?

  • Scenario 2 > Case-Solution A: Muted users
    Muting a user means not seeing any notifications from them, right?

But as you can see, even if we add the user to the muted list, we can still see the notifications and their numbers in the notification bar above.

  • Scenario 2 > Case-Solution B: Ignored users

As you can see here, even if Jane adds Jason to the ignore list or chooses the last option (Only Michael or Allow only certain users to send me personal messages or chat direct messages), Jason is still able to send messages and notifications show up in the bar.

Scenario 3

An awkward scenario :slight_smile:

If a user has deleted own account or the admin has deleted that account, people who messaged with that person can still send messages.
A question may come to your mind: Who would send a message to a deleted account? :slight_smile: This character still sends a message to the deleted account.

As in the example above, an obsessive character can sabotage the system by sending hundreds of messages to a deleted account, or uploading pictures or videos. Since the account has been deleted, there is no user who can report the sender.

If there is a precaution on this, I may have overlooked it.


Able to reproduce the Deleted account scenerio, since I had chat history with a deleted account. There appears to be no history before the sent messages though, perhaps the account being deleted cleared the chat history. (This is on another website)

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As things currently stand, after muting a user, if you’re already participating in a direct message with them, you’ll have to remove it from your list with the x button if you no longer want to receive messages via that channel.

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That is the same with messages you send to yourself

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