How can I Mute and/or Ignore an Inactive user?

I think I have a problem where I need to mute and/or ignore a user. The problem is that the user is currently deactivated, so there’s no way to access the normal mute and ignore buttons (i.e. their user profile page is no longer accessible as they’re deactivated).

The goal here is to 1) block the user if they are reactivated, and 2) hide all of their existing content (from me as a user).

Any clues on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance for your help

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Can you use the option on your Preferences/Users page instead?


Hi @JammyDodger, thanks for the response. If you mean use the “add ignored user” function from my preference page, then no, I don’t think that will work. The user does not come up in the search results when searching from the add dialogue box

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone advise on what the best thing to do next is? At this stage I want to find out if the issue I described above is a known issue, if there’s any way to resolve it, or if there’s just something simple that I’ve missed or am doing wrong.

I’m really not sure of the etiquette on this forum, so I’m not sure if I should bump this post every few days, or if there’s some other place I should ask this question

Thanks everyone for your help, it’s very much appreciated

I think if you contact an admin or moderator on the site they should be able to set that Ignore for you. Even if the user is suspended they would still show up in the Ignore user lookup if using an admin account, so if they access your preferences they would be able to add that user to your ignore list.

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Hi @JammyDodger,

Thanks for the response. I’ve tried talking to my admin, but they’ve said they can’t find any way to mute or ignore the user for me.

I believe the user I need to block is deactivated, but it’s possible they are suspended instead. When I click on the user, the user card says “This user is no longer active.”. Is there any way to know what their state is from there? Depending on if they are suspended or deactivated, would the ignore user lookup work differently?

I’m assuming that my admin has been looking in the wrong place, but is there any documentation or a help page that I could show them?

Thanks again for your help with this

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Ah, if they’ve been manually deactivated then that would indeed remove them from the Ignore user lookup for admins as well.

But from that user’s admin page they could briefly Activate Account again and that would allow them to find the user in the Ignore user lookup on your preference page, and they could then Deactivate the account straight afterwards. Would that be a possibility?

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Would this require the deactivated user to take any action, or is this something that the admin can just do?

The admin would be able to do this from that user’s admin page (if I’m following right). It also wouldn’t notify the user, so can be toggled on/off silently too.

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I can confirm this. As had a mod anonymize a user I was able to manually reattach user email and reactivate the user. Only error on my part was misspelled their user name. So had to fix that.

Only downside to rebuilding the user is uploaded profile images were not restored.