Improvements to the 'Upcoming Events' page

The Upcoming Events page /upcoming-events is very useful:

However, a few tweaks would make it truly awesome.

Old events

While I can understand why old events aren’t displayed, it is often helpful to be able to see them easily. This is what we all have in our personal (email) calendars.

I suggest that instead we display ALL events in the calendar. It would work nicely to ‘grey out’ all events that have already occurred (but keep them clickable)

Events in various categories

It is all a bit monochrome.

It would be really nice to display the category colour of each event in the calendar - would be visually nicer and add a very useful element.

Topic list below the calendar

This would be super helpful - sort of an ‘agenda’. I can see it working like this:

  1. At the top of the list have the next event
    • then in ascending order by event date
  2. have a tab / navigation button to select expired events
    • display these from the most recent event at the top
    • then descending order by event date
  3. It would also be helpful to have a button to hide the calendar so as just to have a topic list of all events at times.

I totally agree with displaying the old events - clicking back through a calendar and seeing it empty can suggest that there have been no events. It is so nice to see the calendar populated and might encourage users to join future events if they missed a past one.

However maybe an option to select if you want past events to be displayed or not would be the happy medium :slight_smile:

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