Improving experience for Discourse app users on old iOS

I have been using Discourse on iPad Air (iOS 12.5.7) which has been declared too old to provide a rich experience to. I am disappointed but understand.

However, when using to read a number of different forum via single Discourse app there is now no way to get back to the list of furum after entering the first. So the user is stuck and has to force exit the app.
This is because the browser back button is not available and the basic HTML interface does not provide a way to minimise the forum.

I would rather have near full experience with a banner warning that things might not work properly and continuing is unsupported … but if that will not be done then please put in a back function.


Thanks for your feedback @PaulWebster and sorry for the troubles.

I’m guessing your device is a first-generation iPad Air and it cannot be updated to iOS 13 or later?

It’s a bit tricky to add a back button to the HTML-only version because we don’t have the same Javascript framework there as the main app and we can’t easily detect that the user is in the DiscourseHub app.

One helpful tip is that the mobile app has a gesture for dismissing an open site. You can swipe downwards to dismiss, starting the swipe roughly at the location of the site logo.

This is sadly not possible. Some features in the Javascript bundle of the app now will completely break in old browsers. It’s not just a matter of some features not working properly, the whole app will return a blank page.


Yes - iPad Air … even had a software security patch from Apple in the last 2 weeks.

Thanks for the swipe info … really have to hit the sweet spot but now I know it is there I can try a few times and eventually hit it.

I’ve marked it as a solution … because there isn’t it a “it works but I don’t like it” option :wink:


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