In a top category page, show only its own topics below subcategories

Yup, I confirm this is what we were proposing as well.

@meglio and @cmwebdev also mentioned something on similar lines.


Effect for using /none is exactly what my community wants to see on category which also features subcategory “archive”

Adding my voice to this. We’re transporting a whole community that has no subcategories at all, and while they can easily select “none” from the dropdown (and I do, regularly) having to select it every time they return to the category is tedious and a bit of an unnecessary extra click. Having a default configurable would be perfect, and would solve our problems neatly.


+1, would be great to have an option to show only parent topics in the parent category, without the subcategory topics.


Dear Sam,

I am trying to understand how you made that happen? How can I make it that this is done automatically when opening a top category?

Also, i chime in on requesting the mentioned feature.

This is by clicking the filters at the top of the page. There isn’t a way to do it by default, which is what this topic is about.

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Thanks @Heather_Dudley, I wasn’t sure I had understood ((I thought maybe there was a workaround in the mean time))

I really do hope this will be considered to add, on my search here I found a lot of people requesting this as well.

Hey just want to bump this - I’d like to see this feature as well, and this proposal from @sam seems spot on. I see where he asked @codinghorror if he should schedule it to be done, but didn’t see a reply from Jeff… :face_with_monocle:

Anyhow, yeah, this would be great. My use case is simple, my members aren’t all so tech savvy and they get confused by the layout. Keeping it very simple will definitely be better for them: categories have their own unique list of topics; if you want to find topic X, go look in category Y. Period, easy.


It is a small change and has a very natural place it fits

@vinothkannans can you take it ? Not urgent at all


+1 we definitely need this feature as well
it confused me also, but even more my community, which is not so fit with new tech…
Also having to click “none” every time is suuuper annoying


Added a new category setting to choose the default list filter.


I had (have) the same issue, and I am super happy to see there is a PR for that.
However I have another problem, it looks like my ‘none’ filter doesn’t work. If I choose ‘none’ nothing happens (ie same result than ‘all’), if I choose the subcategory I can see topics only from the subcategory.

It’s already merged to the core.

I’m able to reproduce it. I will check the issue next week.


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