"Show subcategory list" is weird

So I enabled “show subcategory list” feature, I like Discourse this way much better. But main category also shows topics from all subcategories - why? :yuno:

Shouldn’t it show topics from main category only? Like this - this makes much more sense to me. If I disable “show subcategory list” feature, I can view topics placed in main category only, like this:

But if I enable it - I can’t. I see only one way to separate topics in root category now - place them in another subcategory. But that’s one extra subcategory and my users doesn’t used to this stricture.

My question - if “show subcategory list” enabled, why don’t you guys add “Latest” view for category and all subcategories here? Like on disabled “show subcategory list” type of view.

This button should show latest for this category and all subcategories, not category itself - it should show only topics placed in this root category. Please make this kind of view possible via settings in admin panel. :sob: Till then I’ll have to deal with extra subcategory structure.


We disabled the ability to hide “latest” from the top menu its just wrong.

But you also disabled ability to view topics only from parent category, without topics from sub-categories. :sob: Wouldn’t it be better to have same logic here as on main page? I mean - press “latest” button to view latest from this category, press “new” to view new, etc And then you can place topics from only parent category where latest shows now - I think it makes more sense. I probably explained situation in a bad way - language barier, sorry. Here’s another screenshot explaining my solution on how to view topics only from root category. We probably should have just a checkbox in admin panel “show topics from subcategories in parent category” - this is always on right now, but I would like very much to turn it off.

Do you not have this menu?

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No, when you enable “show subcategory list” in admin panel, you don’t have it.

Come to think about this - “show topics from subcategories in parent category” checkbox would fix everything that I find weird about this behavior.


the show subcategory list setting is no more.