Include group name in group PM email subject by default

Continuing the discussion from Alternative subject for group pm email notifications:

It\s great that this feature has been implemented but it seems that this is currently opt-in for admins and I would like to suggest that the group PM email notifications should look different by default, i.e. they should have the group name included in the subject line by default. If this is already the case for new installs, my suggestion would be to make it so even here on meta (and by extension, perhaps, on all existing installs that did not already customize this setting).

A similar issue exists also in the web-ui: when I receive a group PM, there is nothing (not even the tool-tip, which BTW, has apparently not yet been updated to the new terminology) that tells me that this is not a “personal PM” but a group PM.


Even when I clickl on the notification and look at the PM, it is not immediately evident to the average user that this message is directed to a group, not an individual (indeed, it took myself as an advanced user quite a few moments to figure it out):

I have no idea how much technical effort would be necessary to make group PMs look genuinely different, but from a UX perspective, I think it would be quite desirable.

Just to clarify what I mean by “group PM” (since it is possible to include both groups and individuals as recipients of a PM): from the perspective of an individual user, a PM is a group PM when that user receives the PM only because he or she is a member in a particular group (i.e. he/she is not also included as an individual recipient).

I realize that this second issue may be worth a separate topic. I’ll be happy to split it up if asked to do so (i.e. one for email notifications and one for web-ui).


We should fix the tooltip at minimum, I will look at that.