Incomplete Categories List in Sidebar

I am attempting to display my 4 main categories in the sidebar, and updated the settings as shown here:

When I am logged in as admin it displays correctly:

But when logged out, or logged in as non-admin user it only displays the 1st two categories I created:

Any suggestions for how to fix this?

Solved! I found the answer here, under default sidebar categories: (mydomain)/admin/site_settings/category/navigation
Edit: removed my domain name from the link.

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Well, that link obviously isn’t working.

You mean setting default sidebar categories helps and direct path would be /admin/site_settings/category/navigation


@Jagster thanks for the correction, I didn’t realize I was sharing the link to my own admin panel.

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I guessed so and wanted only show same answer, but diffently formatted for future searches :wink:

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Good call, thank you!

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