Inconsistencies in weight lifting emojis' names

There’s inconsistency in the weight lifting emoji names:


Usually, the neutral gender is referred as a “person”, like:
:merperson: :merperson:
:person_cartwheeling: :person_cartwheeling:

And so on.

Plus, for the weight lifting emojis, man and woman don’t share the same word orders.

They could be renamed as such:


Or either:


But I’m not sure it’s up to Discourse to define emojis’ names.


If you search your site settings for emoji set, you’ll see which provider’s emoji you’re using. I would assume that the names are dictated by that, but I’m far from being an expert on emoji.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can weigh in. :100::+1::rocket:


Unicode does offer CLDR names for each emoji, they’re not set by individual providers. These are the current names for those three as defined under Unicode 15.0:

CLDR names have changed between releases, but it’s not too common. I’ve not dug back over the history to see if that’s the case here. The problem now is changing these after the fact, as it has the potential to break a lot of posts if both permutations aren’t covered.


We have a major emoji revamp coming for Discourse 3.1, tagging it for that release.


Thank you for this precision
I’ll link the source for those who are interested:

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